Knowing me, Know you, ah ha!

I visited Freespurge today and saw that he?d been tagged by Daisy Mae. He?d left an open ended offer for anyone to respond to this too, so here goes?..

Four Jobs I’ve had:
Students? Union Vice President
TESCO cashier
Assistant Bar Manager
Scraping frozen blood from a butchers freezer! (plus other choice activities)

Four Places I’ve Lived:
Ramsgate, Kent (map)
Chichester, West Sussex (map)
Blackfen, Bexley (map)
Doha, Qatar (map)

Four Movies I?d See Again:
Fight Club
Office Space
Happy Gilmore

4 TV Shows I love to watch:
Match of the Day

4 of my favourite foods:
Chicken Madras
Spaghetti Bolognese
Steak (rare)

Four places I?d rather be right now:
Down the pub
Somewhere Hot
???? where else???Canada!

Bloggers I?d like to tag: Whoever reads this and wants to do it. No pressure.

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2 Responses to Knowing me, Know you, ah ha!

  1. Phil says:

    Good answers on the TV front, and Labyrinth kicks ass. Scared the crap out of me first time I saw it?last week.


  2. I?m picking this up. fun, fun.


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