What?s my view? Well how am I supposed to know? Write a review. Well how objective can I be?

It arrived!! I?ve now got my hands on the Maximo Park Album ?A Certain Trigger? and I?m getting my first taste of it whilst I?m typing this post. Here?s to the future!

In my top singles of 2005 post I included a Maximo Park song ?Apply Some Pressure?, and it is on the strength of this one song that I purchased the album. I meant to buy it a long time ago [Well at least when the single had come out.]

I used to buy quite a few albums on the strength of a song, and more often than not I would be slightly disappointed but sometimes I would find a real gem. Now I usually will only buy an album if I can listen to it first or if quite a few singles have been released. I know that this has stiffled my music taste slightly as it means I don?t hear as many new songs as I used to but I?d heard a few good things about them so I took the plunge. After all 8.75 from CD-WOW isn?t really that much for what on first listening is quite a good album [I'm only 6 tracks in at the moment].

[Maximo Park consists of Tom English (drums), Duncan Lloyd (guitars), Paul Smith (vocals), Archis Tiku (bass guitar) and Lukas Wooller (keyboards). They're from Newcastle by the way.]
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3 Responses to What?s my view? Well how am I supposed to know? Write a review. Well how objective can I be?

  1. Lord Bargain says:

    I have a lot of time for ?Going Missing?, actually.

    good choice, young man.

  2. SwissToni says:

    That was probably my favourite album of 2005. Fantastic.

    I received a tip-off about them from a colleague at work shortly before I went to Glastonbury (her brother?s best mate is in the band), and I knowingly made them my third choice on the saturday afternoon (after Athlete and the Kaiser Chiefs)? so I missed them. I wasn?t sorry exactly (Athlete were brilliant), but when I got home and bought the album, it became clear that I had to see them as soon as possible.

    I still bloody haven?t, so they better tour properly soon (and not with the bloody Arctic Monkeys ? there was no way I was ever going to be quick enough to get a ticket to that gig at Rock City).

    Great brush-over too.


  3. adem says:

    The comb-over has that Bobby Charlton / Hamlet Cigar advert feel about it.

    I?ve had the CD on in the car and have listened to the album quite a few times and it is very good indeed.


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