Now he?s getting a tattoo. He?s gettin? ink done. He asked for a ?13?, but they drew a ?31?

SwissToni, Alecya, and Spins, have posted their tattoos on their blogs and so I thought that I ?d post a photo of mine and tell you a bit about when I got it done.

When I finished university (2002) I was elected to Vice-President of the Students? Union (A paid sabbatical position) and started that in the June and took to things quite professionally, working a general 9 ?til 5 and putting in my hours because I was now ?in a position of authority? and should represent the students in a correct manner. I worked hard and didn?t really feel like partying every night (I was also in a long-term relationship so I wasn?t on the lookout for taking advantage of the situation) and so life was good, I was doing my job well, but I wasn?t having great deals of fun (my girlfriend had just moved away for a teaching job).

After Christmas things changed though, I broke up with the girlfriend in early February (I think) as things just weren?t going brilliantly and we?d grown apart (I was probably still too immature for a long-distance relationship and didn?t know where life would take me). I started to go out more, got some new friends who I had been living will in Student accommodation but hadn?t really got to know well, and I was getting a lot out of my system (I?d like to add that I was still brilliant at my job though?just a few more hangovers!)

It came around to May and one of my flatmates ?Animal? (real name Ben) wanted to get a tattoo, and as I drove I volunteered to drive him, along with Dan and Rick, over to near Bognor Regis to get his tattoo done. On the way over, and in the spur of the moment we all decided to get tattoos, although Dan was a bit weary of it. I thought that if I was going to get a tattoo (something very permanent) then I was going to get a worthwhile one?a big one?so I looked at the designs, popped to the cashpoint, went to the limit of my overdraft, and so I got this done:

It cost 100 and took an hour to do. It did hurt a fair bit but the pain was good pain and I enjoyed it (I?m not a masochist by the way.) I felt empowered, on top of the world, and rebellious.

When we got back no one believed that we?d all got tattoos and so we showed them off proudly. It reminds me of a good time in my life and I am still very happy with it and because it?s on my back it can be my secret if I don?t want anyone to know about it.

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7 Responses to Now he?s getting a tattoo. He?s gettin? ink done. He asked for a ?13?, but they drew a ?31?

  1. Pynchon says:

    I think your tattoo is brilliant.

    I am a wuss. I think I would like a tattoo, but am scared in case it goes wrong?

  2. Ginny says:

    Nice tattoo Adem. I had the same feeling when I had mine done ? either go big or go home (though mine?s not quite as large as yours). I?m seriously thinking about getting another one. Hmmm, I wonder what my husband would say to that? it?s not his thing.

  3. Phil says:

    Of course, now the whole world knows about it, but that?s not the point. But yeah, it?s a shiny tattoo.

  4. adem says:

    Phil ? I didn?t know that my blog was that popular. ?The whole world? you say?? I?d better be more careful in the future!

  5. Nice! I am glad too see yours too. Its very nice. You?re lucky, only an hour, it took me a good two to get my first one done (the knot on the lower back) but then, I was 18 and weighed 80 lbs, which makes a little difference, I think.

    My most recent one is in that area, although not as large, of course, I have to keep the darn thing covered most the time, and womens blouses tend to go lower in the back?odd that?

    Good one, though.

  6. SwissToni says:

    that?s a good tattoo (although if you look at the design of mine, you?d know I?d be almost certain to like yours).

    That?s also a good spot for a tattoo. I humming and hawing a bit about getting another one, but I don?t know where I?d get it (my current one is on my upper right arm, and although the upper left arm is an obvious spot, I?m not sure that I?m that keen). shoulders/neck? Hm. That?s a possibility.

    Looks good.


  7. Lord Bargain says:

    that?s a big fella, isnt it?



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