It’s been one week….

I’m back in the office now, and need to catch up on some work, but I may as well but a post out before I immerse myself into the world of Students’ Unions.

So what have I been up to?? Well not much. As you know I was away for the weekend in Chichester, and I forgot to visit Phil!!! A bit silly of me but it just gives me an excuse to pop down pretty soon again. I did see TTP whilst I was there and got some good photos which I’ve now uploaded onto their site and this gave me a fresh impetus to spruce the site up a bit. Here’s what I’ve done.

-Uploaded video using and placed on entry page.
-Upgraded forum from YaBB SP Gold 1.4 to YaBB 2.1
-Added photos from 4-2-06 gig
-Created new graphics for the ‘links’ page and added new links
-Ordered new business cards for the band

It’s like having a spring clean. I’ve also created a blog for the site but am still trying to get the band into the blogging mindset, so that will remain on the back burner for the moment until I know that they will actually use it [we all hate it when blogs are left to rot and not updated.]

On Sunday I went to football, and we actually won a game!! The team is playing really well now and is very motivational now. I am happy about this as a few months back we were very negative and it wasn’t fun anymore.

On Monday and Tuesday I had meetings in Canterbury

On Wednesday I was in the office for a few hours [left early as I had put in more hours over the previous week, and so I though I deserved it.]

Yesterday I was at a funeral for my next-door neighbour Ivor, who died last week aged 85. You may say that 85 is quite an old age but you wouldn’t have thought he was that age as he seemed to act like a spritely 65 old, and the death was quite a shock as we have lived next door to him for the past 18 years. I will talk about this a bit more indepth in a future post.

I also went out in the evening as it way Ian’s 23rd birthday. It was only a trip to the local as we will be going for a meal, drinks, casino affair tonight. [should be around 20 of us which is cool]. I got quite drunk on Rumpus [Ridley’s Rumpus, a 4.5% cask ale with roasted crystal malt creating a rich, ruby coloured ale, giving a sweet, nutty flavour perfectly complemented by a light bitter aftertaste], a very nice tipple.

Today….well I’m in the office, all alone, and sorting through things for next week when I know I’ll be in my office all week and not driving around. More about the job in a later post too.

So I’ll be out tonight but I will have to make the most of it as I’ll be working at the pub on Saturday and Sunday night [I'm doing this as favours to work mates and it will also mean more money in my pocket and less spent on nights out...well that's the idea.]

That’s all for now. But I’m sure I’ll be blogging regularly pretty soon.

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