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My friend Chris has been working in London for the past 6 months for a company called Reevoo, and I honestly didn?t really know much about what he actually did for them until last week, and I thought I?d share it with you as you all could be involved in it.

You can find their site at reevoo.com and they are a review service for electrical goods, collecting reviews by email or from partner websites. But where they are changing is that they are getting involved in syndicating reviews from blogs. This is done by you visiting their site and dragging a bookmarklet to your browser?s bookmark bar. When you want to write a review on an item simply click on the bookmark, a new window will pop up where you can fill in the review details, giving the product name, a score, the actual review and also your name and location. Once you?ve done this click on I?m ready, create my review and it will automatically create html which you should insert into your blog for your review post. After you?ve done this follow a link, tell them where you?ve published the review, and they?ll come along and collect it.
It may sound a little complicated, but honestly it?s not. This version of reviewing on blogs is simply in a beta version at the moment so there will be things that they will fix or update before it is completed.

I believe the main reason for them to want to get reviews from blogs is that people who blog have an opinion, that?s why they blog, because they?ve got something to share. We are a consumer society so it makes sense that people will blog about what they buy. And finally bloggers are very honest [usually] if something is rubbish they will say that, if it is good then they will comment on that too, not feeling pressured into giving a more favourable review than say if they were actually giving a review to a site such as . I will speak the truth on my blog, but might be a bit more gentle and forgiving elsewhere.

I will be trying out Reevoo sometime soon as Chris asked if I could, and he also wanted me to spread the word too, as it?s still in beta mode and he?d like to assess it better which can only be done with more bloggers. I did mention that it was for electrical items, but I believe they are trying to branch out too, so you should be able to review anything that someone may buy. Just visit Reevoo.com and publish a review on your blog ,and just be honest.

The obvious aim is to link in reviews to where you can buy the actual products from and then I suppose the company will make money from them, but I think it could be a useful place to visit, as if they can get independent reviews on anything then I would be more willing to believe the reviews from a blogger than from a manufacturers website.

That?s all for now, as I need to get showered, changed, and then try and squeeze in some fun this afternoon, before work this evening at 7pm. Laters

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  1. Morris says:

    Nobody cares about that, you have a very dull and boring life.

    Mr. Morris
    Ask Morris

  2. adem says:

    this guy has been doing this all over the place.

    If he doesn?t care then why does he comment???

    poor guy


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