Flashing blue lights, camera, action. Watching my life, main attraction.

I was working last night at the pub [5pm-11pm] and had just finished serving some customers when a voice to the left of me said ?How?s your blog??. Presently a few of my friends visit [they are non-bloggers] and of course you guys, but no one in the pub knew about my blog. I turned around and it was Courtney from the Pool Team, someone who I have never really spoken too except in the task of serving them drinks. *Hi Courtney* [if you are reading this]. This freaked me out quite a bit and brought home the reality of the World Wide Web.

It appears that he had just been surfing the web looking for photos of Ramsgate and stumbled upon my site, whereupon he saw a few photos, and recognised me as the person in them. It appears that he may know quite a bit more about me now. mmmm

Obviously I knew my blog would get read by good friends and complete strangers but didn?t really think about the causal acquaintance. This is strange. I?ve put these writings on the web, and so can?t be perplexed when someone reads them as they are there for all to see, but what if someone else was reading them, someone with alterior motives?? If you type in a few key phrases there are quite a few pages of info on me [not necessarily just from this blog] which means others can learn quite a bit about me. I guess that?s the price of the digital age.

I may have to think a little more about what I say in future, but hopefully I can still be very honest. I have seen other blogs dissapear from existance when the risk of discovery had arisen, and I have seen many bloggers go to all lengths to keep their anonimity, but I think I will keep doing what I?m doing, although I may have to be careful in what I do say about people, as word does get around.


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  1. Isn?t that weird? I have friends who read my blog, but none ever comment. Hm.

    I don?t know how I would feel if someone I knew stumbled across my blog. I suppose most people know how I feel about things anyway.

    *shugs* good luck.


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