When a lovely flame dies, Smoke gets in your eyes


Smoking is to be banned in all pubs and clubs in England.

Let me say that again? and emphasise the special word:

Smoking is to be banned in ALL pubs and clubs in England.

Previously MPs were going to ban smoking in all enclosed public places in England, except pubs which do not serve food, and private members? clubs. But this has now been overturned by a complete ban, and I am very happy about this, as it will help even more people. I work in a pub, so get my share of passive smoke, and I also socialise in pubs so I?m getting a lot of it. Now there are some who say that passive smoking has no effect but I know in myself that it is doing something, even if it?s just a sore throat and stinky clothes. I also have a few friends who are ?social smokers?, meaning that they only smoke when they are out and drinking. Hopefully they will cut down too.

I am also happy that MPs were given a ?free vote?, which means that they did not have to follow party line and could vote with their conscience. When we vote for our MPs, we are voting for the party, but also for the individual, and if they are just going to vote for what their leader says then what?s the point?? True democracy.

This should come into effect in Summer 2007.

Read the BBC article here

Read the Q&A here

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5 Responses to When a lovely flame dies, Smoke gets in your eyes

  1. Ginny says:

    We have had that ban for a few years now. Lots of people said it would kill the business in bars ? but it never did. Now my husband and I (non-smokers) actually feel comfortable going to the pub, which we rarely went to when smoking was allowed. Actually, our bars and restaurants have (must have) an airtight room for smokers or are completely non-smoking. In the Vancouver area they are proposing to ban smoking in the outdoor seating areas now as well. I think it?s a wonderful thing ? non-smokers have rights too!

  2. Flash says:

    Well I think it?s bollocks & were it not for The Boy I?d just jolly well stay here in stinky smoke as much as you like wherever you like France.

  3. adem says:

    Ginny ? When I was in Canda in 2003 it was brilliant although I did feel slightly guilty when the smokers were herded into a small room to get their neccessary fix. It did mean that my clothes smelt nice and fresh still which is great when you?re limited just to the clothing in your backpack [honestly I did actually do some washing whilst I was there!]

    Flash ? Of course they smoke in France, I think it?s illegal not too, and they?ve also got those strings of onions around their necks to get rid of the smell of smoke [chortle, chortle].

    I must also admit that I?ll take a small pleasure in seeing how it pans out for the people I know who smoke a pack of twenty a day. Of course they?ll hate it but I?m pretty sure it will make them cut down, and that?s got to be good.

  4. Phil says:

    Fantastic news. Of course this does mean that when I give in to the urge to smoke a very fat and expensive cigar I?ll have to do so in my own home. Ah well.

  5. Ginny says:

    Hey I just heard on the news tonight that one of the large hotel chains (can?t remember which one) is going completely smoke free. The reason? Public demand ? only 8% of people request smoking rooms.


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