Normal blogging will resume shortly?

I?m ill. I started feeling slightly dodgy on Monday night, and gradually felt worse till yesterday when it really hit me. I went into work in the morning but had to come home and was told not to come back till I felt better, and at this rate I reckon that?ll be Monday.

It?s been a wierd one?.hot sweats, cold sweats, body aches, headaches, lightheadedness, and even a bit of throwing up [an isolated case], but luckily no stomach upsets [just so that you know].

Well that?s the depressing bit over. What is has meant is that I?ve had time to myself and have got round to watching a few DVDs, some good some bad, and the pick of the bunch has to be ?Shaun of the Dead?, which really cheered me up when I ws feeling crap.

That?s all for now, and I?ll post something a little more interesting next time [I hope.]

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3 Responses to Normal blogging will resume shortly?

  1. Get better! *sends virtual chicken soup and 7-up*

  2. Lord Bargain says:

    hope you are feeling better, dude?

  3. adem says:

    cheers for that guys.


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