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I’ve finally got around to setting up a few things for the AngrySeaHorse site and one of these things is a blog for it. You may ask why we’d need a blog but I believe it is something that will make the site more trustworthy and honest. In this age we are constantly being denied the truths by governments, businesses, etc and so I wanted to add transparency to our potentila business so that people would know what was really going on.
Haveing these qualities can really help and will also inspire loyalty. You only need to look at companies like google and mozilla who have that image, and also ‘open-source’ software companies who I am more likely to deal with than companies that hide behind a corporate mask.

I have chosen not to use blogger for this as I wanted something that I could have more control over and that could be easily integrated into the actual site when it’s up and running. I also wanted something that was opensource and free, and Greymatter fitted the bill.

It did involve downloading the relevant files [mostly *.cgi], uploading them to my server, chmoding some of the files, and then sorting out the configuration of the blog, but it was all pretty simple, and Greymatter seems to work well and have quite a bit of flexibility to it.

You can check out the blog here:

I’ll be fiddling a bit more with it and getting more of the main site done over the weekend [hopefully].

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