Free love on the free love freeway

For those of you who listen to Radio 1 you may be familiar with Scott Mills and his show. He started a segment on his show a few months back called ?Laura?s Diary? about his assistant whos teenage diary was sent in by her younger sister and read aloud on air. Amongst the usual teenage ramblings were stories of failed teenage love and so Scott has set up a UK tour [One Night With Laura], taking his show around the UK [Southampton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Newcastle, Glasgow] and holding auditions to find her a possible suiter.

It?s quite amusing and I heard a little of the show yesterday and today decided to check out his page on the BBC website. On Monday they were in Southampton and so I checked out the photos from there and I know someone who auditioned!!

It?s James who I went to Uni with and still see when I pop down to Chichester! I was a little amazed but not actually too much as James would sell his own grandmother to become famous! There is a streaming video of the auditions here which is quite funny due to the lame entrants but James has won that heat so will be appearing later in the series. Well done mate.

They are in Nottingham today so maybe we?ll see an audition from these men?

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3 Responses to Free love on the free love freeway

  1. Phil says:

    That boy would sell his own grandmother for a shag! I was wondering what the old man-whore was up to.

  2. adem says:

    Jo Whiley finally slipped up and called the feature ?One Night in Laura? [due to theme from M People - One Night In Heaven]. You never know eh?

  3. Lord Bargain says:

    I actually genuinely considered going, you know once I found our the Laura Bus was coming to Nottingham. Perhaps I should get out more.


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