Everyone i know, goes away in the end.

Is this one of the most moving videos ever???

Cash recorded this in 2002, and the song on it?s own is good, but when it?s accompanied by the video it is simply breathtaking. It is a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song and was recommended to Cash by Rick Rubin who was a close friend of Trent Reznor [the man who is NIN], and it is the Mark Romanek video that brings so much poignancy to the song. In it we see a frail Johnny Cash cut in between film clips of his life, his family, and his past. 2 months after it?s filming his wife, June Carter Cash died, and then 4 months later Cash died too, with this being his last song. Very sad and one wonders if he knew his life was coming to an end, and this was him reciting his own obituary.

Reznor admitted that when Rubin first asked if Cash could cover his song, he was ?flattered? but worried that ?the idea sounded a bit gimmicky.? The power of Cash?s song didn?t fully hit Reznor until he saw the video.

Reznor often refers to ?Hurt? as ?a song that isn?t mine anymore.? It belongs to Cash now.

Watch the video, feel for Cash, and I defy you not to feel tears and sadness.

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  1. I was sent this song on a mix CD and it tore me up. I love this song, so poinant and heart breaking. I have too slow a connection to watch the video, but I havea friend who cant hear the song anymore because the video made her cry, and she thinks of it.

    I watched walk the line last night, so this is timely for me. A beautiful song. Gorgeous.

    Thanks, Adem?now I?m going to have to go have a listen

  2. SwissToni says:

    Cash did the same to a number of other songs throughout the four ?America? albums that he recorded with Rick Rubin. I think ?One? by U2 is a great song, but for me, Cash has now done the definitive version?. it?s magnificent. Bono sings it with feeling, Cash sounds like he?s lived it.

    I heartily recommend the albums. In fact, I think so much of the albums, that I?m even contemplating giving the new Neil Diamond album (?12 songs?) a listen because of Rubin?s involvement.


  3. adem says:

    I have heard ?Personal Jesus? which came from those albums, and may have to invest in them and find out more.

  4. Threelight says:

    Invest in them ? now!

    I suggest American Album IV: it?s got Hurt and Personal Jesus on. I have recently got the third album, with One on, and Swisstoni is correct, it?s a fantastic version.


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