Libraries gave us power, then work came and made us free

So I visited Phil in lovely Bognor at this weekend [arrived Friday 6pm, left Sat 4pm] and we chatted about future business plans. I?ve mentioned previously about how I?d like to try something new and would like to start my own business, and so Phil and myself are going to try and set something up. We are looking into forming a logo designing company and ran through certain possible aspects of this and how it could become a success. Sadly due to money needs we will not be able to commit 100% to this at the moment as necessity dictates that we will need to spend money before can make money, and will obviously have to survive before this business is possibly successful, so we will still be in other employment for the moment, and will have to commit the rest of our free time to this.

I am up for starting straight away but, dammit, I?m actually really busy at work this week, and am attending an IOSH course in Supervising Safely. Yes it is as interesting as it sounds, and is a 3 day course from 9am-4:30pm, starting tomorrow. The man is trying to keep me down.

The plan is to decide on a company name [very important], get a portfolio together, get a website, and then promote the ass off of it.

We want to get a collection of logos together and would like to offer this service to our fellow bloggers, so that we can have some examples to show to potential future customers. If you do have a business or alike and would like us to design you a logo for free then please email me at and we?ll see what we can do.

This will obviously give us a chance to try out our skills, test the waters, and also see how the eventual process will actually work. You won?t even have to actually use the designs if you don?t want to, as you are doing us a favour in giving us something to work with.

Watch this space for more info.

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  1. Flash says:

    E-mail on the way matey

    Hope you enjoyed sunny Bognor!

  2. Pynchon says:

    Need I say, best of luck and good for you? Nice to take your future in your own hands, isn?t it?


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