If everybody had an ocean pt. 2

I had a follow up dream to the one from yesterday. This one had more to do with actually going to the Algarve. I was with an ex [the one I actually went to Albufeira with in 2002] and we were talking about going away and somehow we ended up at the airport. I was saying that it?s be cool to go away but it was a bit short notice, and didn?t have anything with us except for my rucksack. No sooner had I said that then we?d bought our tickets and were in the Algarve.

I had to give my Mum a ring and explained where we were and she didn?t seem to mind, and I told her that we were only away for a long weekend. How sad is it that even in my dreams I only go away for long weekends.

We were now at the hotel and I was stressing about not having anything packed with us but I did have a few things in my rucksack, anf thought we could buy the rest if we needed it. I started to look on the bright side and was really happy to have done such an impulsive thing that didn?t seem to have any consequences. Here I was on holiday!!!

It was then that I thought about the dream from the previous evening, and my dream of the shark. Shit I thought, how weird is that that I could dream of the Algarve and then the next day actually be here. It seriously got me scared and I thought that I couldn?t really go near the water as maybe the previous dream was fate telling me something, and it seemed that I was walking straight into its path.

So here I am in a dream and analysing a dream from a previous night. weird.

And then that?s where it ended. We?ll have to see if another installment has been commissioned.

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  1. Don?t lucid dreams make you bananas? You know its not real so you try and control it, or think, and you end up making the dream weirder? *sigh* Only thing worse is a dream that doesnt make any sense at all, eh?

    Sleep tight :)

  2. Aravis says:

    How fun! Sounds like you could use a little more relaxation time. Just for fun and knowing almost nothing about you, I?ll throw out a dream interpretation:

    You?re feeling stressed, over-worked. You long for a time when you could get away with another person and just have fun, be spontaneous. But underneath you desire to give yourself over to enjoyment (the ocean), you fear something (the shark), perhaps financial insecurity. Perhaps another sort of loss. Whatever, it keeps you from letting go and having a good time.

    Or it could just be bad sushi. *G*

  3. adem says:

    Cheers for the comments guys.

    dreams are weird and I seem to dream a lot more when I?m tired.

    I?ve been planning to have some good holiday times but will probably stick to the UK, and revolve around camping or something alike.

  4. Aravis says:

    With all these dreams of sharks, perhaps you?re better off adem! *G*


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