Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers

What normally happens is I talk about all the stuff I want to do over summer but in reality I never get around to any of it and feel bitterly disappointed when the season changes and it starts getting colder and darker again.

With a view to this I am going to draw up a list of things I want to do over the following months. None of the things I want to do are huge but they are things that will keep me happy. If I can cross most of them off by the end of Summer then I?ll be really chuffed and will be a much better person.

I?ll be putting the list on my right-hand menu bar so that whenever I go to my blog I can see all the stuff I haven?t done and give myself a kick up the arse. I really think this will work!

I?l be adding more things to the list when I think of them.

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3 Responses to Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers

  1. Flash says:

    Good plan mate.
    I once did archery as a kid & really enjoyed it.

  2. Stef says:

    Look, if you?re serious about this you need to turn this list of objectives into a fully resourced implementation plan.

    Look at your commitments and block off some weekend time now.

    Assess what equipment (like a tent) that you?ll need and review your inventory. Where you are lacking items start blagging now because mates are usually rubbish and giving you things you need quickly.

    Prioritise. Then assign your highest priority item to one of you allocated slots now and rope in another person to firm up the plan and assist in organisation and realisation?

    Fuck! I?ve been at work too long! ;-)

    Just get cracking dude, just book a day at a shooting range or get some mates to put a camping trip in their diaries now. Do it!

  3. adem says:

    I will do ALL the stuff on my list? and more!!!


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