Shoot that poison arrow

I popped up the pub last night after 5-aside footy to meet Ant who was taking part in a St. Georges Week Quiz. His team was languishing in last place [5 of 5 at the halfway point] at that time, and I got myself a cordial and soda [it was a school night after all] and joined the team, titled ?Stud and the Muffins?. Tom soon joined us and we managed to finish in a very mediocre 3rd [3 of 5], thanks to the fresh injection of useless knowledge provided by yours truly [I did get some right, honest].

After the quiz Tom mentioned that he?d seen my blog entry about the stuff I want to do and said that he was well up for camping and also the archery. I don?t mind doing stuff by myself but it?s always nice to have someone to go with, and so I?m going to try and do archery in the next few weeks. There?s been an archery shop near where I live for years now, but I must admit I thought it was closed because I?d never actually seen anyone go there due to the fact that it is down an alley. Never narrow-minded of me. Well I just did a simple search in google of ?archery ramsgate? and they have a website!! I?ve sent them an email to find out more, and may pop in later today.

The wheels are turning.

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6 Responses to Shoot that poison arrow

  1. Suburban Hen says:

    I too want to try archery and will do so in the not to distant future. I am also going to gratuitously steal your to do list and put one on my blog. So there.

  2. Stef says:

    If I was living in Ramsgate I?d be there too dude. Kick ass and take some pictures!

  3. Pepsiqueen! says:

    Jeez I wish I knew where, but once I saw a list a man allegedly made early in life of things he wanted to do. He methodically did them. One by one, thoughout the course of his life he did them all. It was a completely amazing list.
    Maybe writing it down and publicizing it will help motivate you to do all of yours.

  4. Aravis says:

    I love fishing, camping and going to the beach whenever possible. Good luck with those goals! As for archery, we used to do that in school and I enjoyed it so much I bought my own bow and arrows for target shooting in my yard. I stopped doing it years ago for some reason, but I highly recommend it if you?re really interested. :0)

  5. adem says:

    I sent them an email telling them that I was a complete novice with no experience and no equipment, and they said for me to pop along, so I?m gonna see if I can go this afternoon.

    Either that or sometime during the week.

  6. DenverT says:

    I hope you stuck to your resolve and worked on your archery and got the camping done.


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