What is game? Who got game ?

As mentioned here, it was the annual Rugby Sevens charity tournament at the Thanet Wanderers ground on Good Friday.

Quite a few of the teams wear fancy dress for the event and so I’d spent the Thursday finishing off the American football tops that the team were going to wear [T-shirts from Matalan and T-shirt transfers from Tesco], bought the beers and some snacks, and so on the Friday morning everything was ready……almost. I still needed some tight leggings to finish off the outfit. Ian and myself went up to TK Maxx and bought some fetching ladies leggings that were lovely and tight. Excellent.

[someone stuck some socks down the front of their pants...... ummm]
On the day we had quite a few drop out due to injuries or other commitments and so we were down to bare bones and lost our first game 42-0 but weren’t too despondent as last year we’d won our first game 45-0 and our opponents this game were all very BIG players. It did hurt, although I was quite happy to get a few tackles in.

A couple of other players turned up for the second game and we lost that one 10-5. Dammit! We didn’t really mind losing as the actual playing is only a small part of the day and there was lots of it left. The girls had arrived with a picnic, and we had plenty of beers, and so the future looked bright.

Sadly I’d started feeling a bit iffy early in the afternoon and had only had a few bottles of lager, and so stuck to the water and diet coke. At the end of the tournament [around 7pm] everyone decided to move on into Broadstairs town but I really wasn’t feeling well and decided to go home. I was annoyed at not being able to go out but actually went to sleep from 8pm ’till 8am! I think I really must have needed it.

I think I’d caught some kind of stomach bug and have not touched alcohol since, and it’s not been too bad. There was meant to be a real ale festival on the Saturday but it was cancelled after they an out of beer of Friday night, so there was no temptation there, and on the other nights I just stuck to the squash. I feel better now.

It’s been nice to have the week off and I return to work tomorrow….argghhh!!!!
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