I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay

I need money!!! I?m only halfway through the month but I?ve spent the amount of money that I usually spend in a whole month, which leaves me on a showstring for the next two weeks. I?ve been wondering what I?ve spent it on but a quick look at my bank statement reveals it all. I treated myself to some new jeans and a couple of new t-shirts, bought some plants for the garden, bought some tools for DIY jobs at home, and also got a lot a cash out which was presumably spent on socialising.

So now I?m thinking of how to get more money. I could do some more shifts at the pub, but frankly I can?t be bothered and would rather try and sell some stuff for a quick buck. Over at eBay tomorrow is 5p listings day [15p saving on normal listings] so I think I?ll try and shift some DVDs and CDs. That will only raise a few quid though after eBay and paypal take their further cuts [theives!], and I?m trying to think if I have anything more substantial to sell. A visit into the loft may be called for to dig out any treasures I?ve hidden in there.

On another note I?ve also been considering changing over my phone from contract and over to pay as you go. My bills are around 40 a month, and I don?t actually know why? The bulk of it is line-rental [25 + VAT] leaving me with actual call and text costs of around 10, so why shouldn?t I get a tariff where I only pay for what I use? One of the things stopping me is the actual calling of customer services at Orange to cancel my contract, because I know they will make it hard for me. I will also have to change my mobile number, and go through the hassle of texting and calling everyone to say it?s changed. grhhhhh. I will do this sometime this week so that I can give proper notice as I?m sure they?ll say I?ll have to give a months notice. That will hopefully save me some money.

At least I?ve got my health?. *cough

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6 Responses to I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay

  1. Stef says:

    If you go PAYG you?ll be stuck with the same phone; I like upgrading every 9 months or so? Hey, we?ve got another planet! ;-)

    Having to flog stuff for cash is a nightmare, you never raise very much. I?m rubbish with money and usually just reach for the credit. Might explain why I?ve not been in the black for a single day since I was 18. I?m 33 now?

  2. Flash says:

    It has to be PAYG for me, it works. If I haven?t got dosh, my friends understand plus I have a phone at home.

  3. Pynchon says:

    Money? Pull a heist!

  4. adem says:

    I do think PAYG is the way. I?ve just bought a phone from my mate for £15, which will do for me, and means I can avoid having to pay big time for a new one.

  5. Aravis says:

    Good luck raising the money adem, and with getting out of your contract. Hopefully you won?t get too much hassle!

  6. Napfisk says:

    ?Presumably spent on socializing?? I like that as a euphemism.

    As far as the ?I need money meme? goes, I?m afraid I?ve already sold anything that?s worth anything so I can?t help you there since Stef?s wee testimony here sounds all too familiar.

    You could always try selling your body?


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