Whiskey, gin and brandy. With a glass I’m pretty handy.

So Tim picked me up yesterday morning and after a bit of mucking around we were on the road. I asked him what the plan was for the evening, for Tom?s birthday, and whereabouts in Birmingham we were going, and the reply I got was?Well, it?s not actually Birmingham, it?s a little village near there?, ah, a slight difference in what I was expecting. Here I was thinking we were going to Birmingham centre, when in fact we were going to a 2 pub village. Still I was up for it. And we ended up here.

We arrived around 2:30pm and went to a pub ?The Blue Boar? to watch the FA Cup final, and the drinking started there. What a great match, although I felt West Ham were unlucky to lose, but what a cracker of a goal from Stevie Gerrard to take it to extra-time. By the end of the penalty shootout I?d had about 5 or 6 pints of Ruddles, and then headed of to the other pub in the village where the eveing would unfold and where we?d be staying the night.

For the rest of the evening I drank cider, which I don?t actually know the name of although it was around 5%?? yummy, and I think [?] that by the end of the day I?d had around 11 or 12 pints, which in my world is a fair bit, but I was still standing by around 12:30am.

I was a good evening, and although there may be a few blanks, I enjoyed myself, although a worrying by-product of the drinking would be the beer-goggles, which I am glad to say I didn?t act upon.

Today I was greeted by a lovely hangover, but this was helped by a visit to Somerfield and some sarnies, and then it was back on the road at around 11am, and the 200 mile trip back to Ramsgate. And since I got back I?ve done nothing except watch TV and recuperate in preparation for the working week.

I did see this sign in Somerfield too, and was a little worried. We?ve all been warned about safe sex and dirty needles, but apparently there?s a new way to catch HIV???

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4 Responses to Whiskey, gin and brandy. With a glass I’m pretty handy.

  1. Stef says:

    Temple Grafton is hardly the throbbing heart of the metropolis is it? Sounds like you had a good night on the lash though.

  2. Suburban Hen says:

    Is that you and Tim or you and Tom in that there pic up there?

  3. Suburban Hen says:

    Or is it Tim and Tom?

  4. adem says:

    That would be Tim on the left and a very drunk me on the right [with my tongue stuck out].

    Temple Grafton is on it?s way up I tell you. The pub there even serves lager!


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