We?re on the road to nowhere

I?m off to Birmingham tomorrow, so no posts till Sunday from me. One of the things on my list to the right is ?Visit places I?ve never been?, and as such when Tim said he was going up for a friends birthday, I jumped at the chance to go along. I?ve been to Aston before on a training weekend, but that?s really my experience of the midlands, and so we?re heading off at 11am, arriving in time to catch the FA Cup [come on the Hammers], then drinking, and apparently we?ll be sleeping in a pub [I've got mental images of 'Shaun of the Dead'].

good fun eh?

So now I?m off to the local for a couple of shandies, and then an early[ish] night, well before midnight hopefully.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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4 Responses to We?re on the road to nowhere

  1. Aravis says:

    Have an excellent time! *G*

  2. Stef says:

    Sleeping in the pub? Isn?t that usually frowned upon?

    Anyway, hope you have/had a good time in Brumagem, my home-town don?t you know.

    A bit too late to warn you really but it?s one of those places that have plenty of good places to go but they?re a bugger to find! Most visitors end up going to crap places ?cos they?re easy. Hopefully you have a guide!

  3. adem says:

    The guy who?s birthday it is, is a resident of Brum, so we should be okay, oh and his Dad owns the pub so I guess it?s cool.

  4. Napfisk says:

    Shaun of the Dead, ey? Let?s hope it doesn?t come to that then. Interested to hear what you still remember come Monday. Enjoy!


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