Come on get up everybody

So how was my weekend?? Not too shabby, thanks for asking. What you want to know more?? Are you sure?? Hey, I’m a poet… and I didn’t even know it!

On Friday I got drunk. I’m not proud of it but there was something inside me that really needed a drink having spent the last few Friday’s working. I doomed myself to insobriety by starting my evening on the old wifebeater, and only going onto softer lagers near the end of the night. As a prize for my drunkeness I rewarded myself with a Donner Kebab [lot's of salad and chilli sauce]. I woke up at 8am not feeling too well, but a few hours I was as good as new.

On Saturday afternoon I went down to the beach with Chris, Andy, Ian, Hannah, Dan, Kerry, Jodi, and Harrison, but I could only stay for a while as I had to get back for something at 4pm. It wasn’t as hot as last time but Chris and myself still went in the sea for a swim, and surprisingly it was actually warmer than last time, when I got cramp in my feet from the freezing water. The afternoon/early evening was spent at my Mum’s school, at a mini fete where I was helping out, and then around 9pm I went round Jonny’s where everyone had been for the evening, and I had the last few of my coronas and indulged in Scattergories till 1am.

Next up was the football on Sunday…… to be continued [when I can be bothered typing more].
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