?Cause I remember?

So yesterday was the football match between England and Ecuador. In previous years I have always watched matches at pubs, as they serve beer and usually have a great atmosphere, but this year I haven?t watched any games in pubs or bars, instead choosing to watch them at home or at other peoples houses.

For this match it was my turn to be host and I threw in a BBQ to boot. The match wasn?t brilliant? but the food was yummy. Lot?s of people came around and we all squeezed around my 32? TV, which I have to admit doesn?t compare to the big screen in the pub. I suppose another thing you don?t get is the atmosphere from the pub when a group of strangers join in unison, but I think the pro?s of being with friends at home outnumber the pro?s of pubs and I suppose the con?s of pub life too, such as drunks and hooligans.

I don?t know where I?ll be watching the next game.

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5 Responses to ?Cause I remember?

  1. Aravis says:

    Sounds like a great time! I?d far rather watch the game at a friend?s than in a pub for a good time and great atmosphere. *G*

  2. Stef says:

    I?ve gone for the pub option every time so far. It just feels right.

    Mind you, some of the strangers started singing racist songs half way through which didn?t go down too well? Think they were too ignorant to realise what they were singing though which, while not an excuse, takes the edge off slightly.

  3. Kieran says:

    I?ve been scratching my head trying to work out why we?ve been playing so badly. What?s changed? Am I wearing my lucky t-shirt? Yes. But now I see that it?s you ? please watch the next game in the pub. I think you?ll find this will help us win the cup.

  4. The Fatalist says:

    I prefer watching games away from busy pubs, they?re usually full of wankers who ?love our beautiful game? but know next to nothing about football, and don?t even support anyone. (By support I mean actually going to real, live games. Whether that be Premiership, lower Football League, or local non league)

  5. adem says:

    kieran ? But what if my not going to the pub HAS contributed to our actually winning games?? I don?t care about playing well as long as we can lift the cup!


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