Give me red wine because it make me feel fine

Busy day yesterday was, and that was nice. I got the train over to Canterbury for work, had a productive day, and then went for a meal too. ?A meal?? I hear you ask. Yes, at Marlowes, courtesy of DotMobile. DotMobile have been doing a lot of promotion at the Uni and decided that because they love us so much they?d take us out for dinner with the remainder of their hospitality budget. In the end 6 of us went and we all had 3 courses, with me having garlic mushrooms for starter, blackened chicken [spicy chicken on a bed of leaves] for Main, and then some absurdly sweet chocolate cake [which I couldn't finish]. I was stuffed. The good thing about the restaurant was that you could bring your own wine, so I treated myself to a whole bottle of Arniston Bay Rose, which at 13.5% [£3.98 from Tesco], got me on the way to being sozzled.

We popped into a bar afterwards and then everybody left having other committments. boo hoo. I then decide to pop in on Jonny, watch the remainder of the Spain vs France football match, then get absolutely thumped at Pro Evo on the PS2, and then wander down to the train station for the 10:16 train back to Ramsgate. I got indoors at 11pm, and felt ready for bed then, but I realised Lost was on E4, and so had to stay up till midnight. I then slept very well. I think wine may be my drink of choice over the summer, especially the Rose, which although not as classy as a nice red or white, most definitely refreshes a darn sight quicker.
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  1. Stef says:

    Rosé wine is really nice seved chilled on a hot summer?s day?


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