Children of the sun

Does this bring back any memories for anyone??

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  1. SwissToni says:

    jesus ? did that programme actually have a beginning or an end? I just remember it seemingly going on forever and ever. There must have been 1000s of episodes.

    C. tells me that the theme tune also has a french version with totally different lyrics to the same tune, so it was a pan-european thing.


  2. SkinOfStars says:

    thanks for the memory. loved that prog.

  3. adem says:

    All I really remember is Inca gold and flying golden condors.

    I was a bit naughty a couple of years ago and downloaded the whole series via bit-torrent.

    Still haven?t watched them!

  4. Cuppojoe says:

    I can?t say as I?ve ever seen this particular show? But, then again, being that I live in the Americas, I?ve grown up with literal cities of gold, with rivers of purest honey and streets paved in pearl.


  5. adem says:

    The programme probably made as much sense then as Dranonball Z and Pokemon do today.

  6. Stef says:

    OMG! I think I watched that entire series (I had no life at that age) and I seem to remember it did have a proper begining and end but I?ll be buggered if I can remember what they were!

    It did go on for ever. Don?t think I?d ever watch it again though even if I had all the torrents.

  7. Flash says:

    No, but the intro was very Star Trek.

  8. Ginny says:

    Funny, I thought it very Star Trekkie too (the intro). Maybe it?s the William Shatneresque voice.
    I?ve never heard or seen that series either.

  9. Stef says:

    Ooh, Jo Whiley is just talking about Mysterious Cities of Gold on Radio 1. Now there?s a coincidence!

  10. adem says:

    Stef ? I just heard that too as I was in the car and had the radio on.

    So yes it did have an ending, and they did find the Cities of Gold?.but not a completely happy ending?with more shenanigans going on.

    Do you think the person who rang up had been looking at my blog??no


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