The First Post

The web is full of amazing websites and programmes, and this site is for sharing them with you.

Although this blog is new, I am not new to blogging and have had another blog since May 2004, but decided to set up this one for something pretty close to my heart…. technology! You can read about this in the about section.

Well that’s the hard ‘first post’ out of the way and now for the interesting stuff. There are many useful websites and programmes on the web that have been around for a long time, and yet a lot of people don’t know about them, and so I’ll go through stuff i already know about and use, and then as I discover more things, add them to this site.

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6 Responses to The First Post

  1. Stef says:

    Ooh, shiny new blog? Nice.

    Has to be said, WordPress is the nuts and I have considered moving my site over to using it, it looks so much better and the functionality is the nuts.

    However I just seem too busy and six years worth of archives seems like a lot to move over and I just know I?ll spend hours (days?) tidying up old posts once I do?

    Having the comments link at the top is a bit odd though mate. I couldn?t find it a first and then nearly commented on the wrong post.

  2. Adem says:

    I tried out wordpress for the first time when I set-up , and for that I actually installed it onto my server and set up a MySQL database for it to run off. That version allows more functionality such as changing where comments are, and messing around with the html, etc, but for this blog I?ve gone with the hosting from wordpress as I wanted to keep things simple.

    I must admit it looks quite stylish considering it?s a free template, the only thing is that I don?t think wordpress has as much of a community as the likes of blogger and so I will have to point more people this way if I actually want visitors.

    I like it though.

    Cheers for the comments Stef.

  3. Stef says:

    I know a few bloggers who use WordPress and I generally have blog-envy, a much nice set up.

    Mind you Blogger?s just about to get an upgrade, so?

  4. Adem says:

    Well I?ll have the best of both worlds won?t I. I?ve deliberately kept my other blog in the same kind of state that I started in, keeping the original template and only changing the contents of the sidebar. It?s a piece of nostalgia for me. You always remember your first. ;)

    It?ll be nice to see what Blogger come up with though.

  5. Stef says:

    Here?s the lowdown on the Blogger upgrade

  6. Adem says:

    Oooh, I?ve just had a look and it seems that quite a few of the new features they?re adding are very much like what you can already find on WordPress.

    I really like WordPress [at the moment] and will probably use it again if I ever want ANOTHER blog.


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