S-Video Cable

This is more of an update to the SopCast post, where I was telling you about getting TV on your PC, and is just a quick post to tell you how to get the image from your PC onto your actual TV.

I scoured a few forums to find out a bit more info and discovered that all I needed was an S-Video Cable [you will need to check that you actually have the correct sockets on your PC and your TV].

I ordered the cable from Lindy.com, which is my usual supplier for cables and it arrived 2 days later, which would be this morning. I plugged the cable into my laptop and my 32? TV, and then scrolled through the different AV channels, but nothing happened!! Nothing would appear. I went back onto the forums and found out that I?d also have to change a few settings on my graphics card. I right-clicked on the desktop, went to properties, then settings, then advanced, and clicked on one of the tabs which gave me the option to allow the output to a televison.


The image from my laptop screen popped up on my TV, and I was able to catch the Liverpool vs West Ham game which was being streamed through SopCast. One minor problem was that the image from my laptop seems to be too large for the TV screen and so some cropping occurs, but I?m sure this can be sorted with a bit of fiddling with the settings.


cool eh?

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5 Responses to S-Video Cable

  1. dag says:

    Found this site that shows live football from premiership, la liga, serie a and many more all updated daily and featuring other sports streaming too. It uses pplive amongst others to deliver the streaming but its pretty good


  2. Stef says:

    Good stuff but my monitor is better than my telly. I also have a screen projector for my PC ;-)

  3. Adem says:

    Rubbing it in a bit there Stef. I am jealous. :(

  4. abhay bhatnagar says:

    i want to view movies on my tv through laptop by using s vedio cable
    when i connect it imege is not clear please help me i have tablet pc which contain s.video port n i have sony tv

  5. Adem says:

    I don?t really know how to help you but it may be worth having a look at your graphics card settings and changing a few of the qualities on there which may help a bit.


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