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Not really a software review today but more of an internet service review. A few weeks back I signed up for Tesco DVD Rental on a whim because they were offering 2 weeks free trial. I read through the terms & conditions and there were no catches and so I went for it. As an added bonus, I?m not quite sure how, I was given 3 weeks free trial!

Tesco DVD Rental is a subscription service, whereby DVDs are sent to you in the post, you watch them, return them via freepost, and then get a new batch of DVDs sent to you. It?s the same kind of deal that Blockbuster currently operates, and continues Tesco?s expansion into other areas. You can choose between receiving 1, 2, or 3 DVDs at a time and the pricing reflects this at either 7.97, 11.47, or 13.97 a month [which undercuts Blockbuster's prices.]

Tesco DVD Rental is an entertainment paradise for a reason: there are no late fees and no due dates. So feel free to watch the minute the title?s in your hand, or take your own good time to get around to it. Our business is based on making you happy, not charging you late fees. There are no hidden costs.


Signing up was relatively easy and after filling out a few simple forms I was told to make a selection of DVDs I would like to rent. You are asked to make quite a large list of DVDs you?d like to watch and these are sent out to you when they are available, although you are allowed to add a ?priority? note to 3 DVDs. This does mean that half the time you don?t know which DVDs you will be getting in the post, but maybe that?s half the fun of it, although it could mean that you?ll be waiting a long time for one particular film.

If you are really into films and have the time to watch quite a few films then I?d definitely recommend joining Tesco DVD Rental, and with the average DVD rental from a shop costing 3.13 overnight, then this service comes into its own, especially as there are no late fees, as in theory you could keep the same DVD for the length of your subsciption [although I wouldn't recommend it as it'd just be cheaper to buy it.]


If you fancy trying it then sign up at least for the free trial and just cancel and return the DVDs before the end of the 2 weeks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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4 Responses to Tesco DVD Rental

  1. Adem says:

    incidently?So far I?ve received?

    Red Dwarf ? Series 7 ? Disc 1
    Red Dwarf ? Series 7 ? Disc 2
    Red Dwarf ? Series 7 ? Disc 3
    The Aristocrats
    It?s All Gone Pete Tong
    Lord Of War

    Not brilliant features but not bad for a free service and it?s given me something to watch whilst it?s been raining.

  2. Stef says:

    What?s the catalogue like for Tesco?s?

    I was going to sign up for Amazon?s, they seem to have a really good selection including loads of foreign language stuff which is what I really want to join for, our local video store has a very poor ?world? section.

    I?ve just done a search for Pedro Almodovar on Tesco and they only got 3 matches which kinda sucks. Amazon have at least 10 of his movies (some in boxed sets) which is good going.

  3. Adem says:

    Amazon has a wider range of DVDs, and that is obviously a benefit if you are looking for something different form your run of the mill popcorn movies.

    Amazon run a different service from Tesco though as the rentals aren?t unlimited.You can only have between 2 and 6 DVDs a month, depending on your plan, as opposed to getting unlimited rentals at Tesco where you can keep ordering new DVDs all the time. With Amazon once you?ve watched 6 films in a month then that?s it.

    ?We have four low-priced plans to meet your needs. With our £9.99 per month plan, you get 3 discs at home at a time and 6 discs per month?that?s less than £1.70 per rental. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan. In addition, if you want to watch more DVDs than your monthly quota allows, you can purchase extra rentals for £1.99 whenever you want. This gives you the flexibility to manage your plan based on your needs.?

  4. Stef says:

    Hmm? *cogitates*


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