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In the old days I used to design websites from scratch, creating the graphics in Photoshop, designing the actual site in Dreamweaver, and for other aspects such as forums, install separate programmes or use 3rd party services. It did all work fine but there was often a lot of hassle. I still use this for smaller, more personal websites, but when you want something bigger then it?s time to use a Content Management System [CMS], and the one I use is e107.

e107 is an opensource content management system written in php and using the popular open source mySQL database system for content storage. It?s completely free and totally customisable, and in constant development.

  • High performance file-based caching
  • Integrated News system and RSS Feed handling
  • Simple to use and create template system
  • Valid XHTML 1.1 Output
  • Powerful Forums system integrated
  • Easy to use Admin system

To install e107 you will need to have your own hosting with PHP and a MySQL database [I use 1&1 Business hosting], and after downloading the software you will have to upload e107 to your webspace, set a few file permissions, and then run the installation script [this is where you will need your MySQL info].

It is very simple and simple documentation is provided to help you throughout the process. Once everything is sorted, the fun can start and e107 will come into it?s element.


For your site you can choose various themes and a huge amount of plugins which will allow you to customise your site with galleries, forums, chatrooms, etc, and all this is controlled from your admin, and that?s why it?s a Content Management System. The main benefit of e107 is your control over membership of the site. You can either give access to everyone or restrict access to cetain areas depending on the visitor?s membership, and you can also give certain authorship rights too so that many people can contribute too. Of course you can also use the admin to send emails to members, thus avoiding having to set up an external mailing list.


I feel like I can?t actually do it justice, and the only real way is for you to try it out if you get the chance. I currently use it for my football club?s website, so have a browse at it.

Special thanks to Kev for introducing me to e107 via his e107 site.

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7 Responses to e107 Content Management System

  1. Stef says:

    Definitely the way forward.

    I?ve been toying with converting one of my existing sites to use something like this but now you?re the second person to recomend e107 to me I might just give it a shot.

    I?m just not sure I can be bothered as traffic/demand is so low! MIght be fun ?just because? though ;-)

  2. Stef says:

    Ooh.. My host has e107 already there, all I?ve got to do is click ?install? and I?m away? Whoops, I could be some time!

  3. Adem says:

    It is a great piece of software. I love it. It does come into it?s own when you have quite a few members registered to the site.

  4. Stef says:

    Ah, now that?s the problem. I have no friends. ;-)

  5. Ross says:

    This is great software but I want to convert my current site over to e107 and don?t know how to change or create themes. I?m an HTML and some CSS guy. I?ve not a real clue about PHP. Now I have it installed and have found the setup easy, and it?s quick to use a predefined template.

    The things I don?t know how to do are:
    1. intergrate video as I have gamers that want to post video of games and tournaments to the site. We also want to feature game videos
    2. Intergrate phpbb without using an Iframe. I have an Iframe for my boards now and have set up some test boards on the site.
    3. Seperate blogs for each user and or user configurable personal profile pages that content can be added to.

    Also can I use something like statcounter for e107?

    Can you suggest how to do this in e107 ?
    My sites are http://www.agzonline.com

  6. Adem says:

    Hi Ross,
    I don?t think I?m gonna be too much help to you as I don?t really fiddle around too much with the actual code, and generally use e107 because it?s so easy to simply install new templates and plugins.

    For templates I go to e107themes and if needed it?s quite easy to edit certain graphical aspects of the template by looking throught the downloaded files and substituting files.

    as for the other points?
    1. I personally use Auto Gallery but this doesn?t integrate into a page and simply creates a separate page with the embedded video in.

    2.e107 has a great forum function already built in and it is possible to integrate phpbb with this as if you are setting up the site then it makes sense that people should be able to access everything using one logon.

    3.You can download a plugin here which allows for multi-user journals.

    As for a statcounter, if you visit e107 coders you will find a huge range to choose from which are installed as plugins.

    I hope this helps. All I did was search around and find the info, and I?m sure if you get stuck you?ll find all you need on the sites I?ve linked to.

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