I follow the Moskva, Down to Gorky Park

Not long ?til Monday now and the weekend is almost over. What did I do?? Well on Friday I went out in Canterbury, got drunk, made a prat of myself, and felt hungover for the beginning part of Saturday. I got back from Canterbury at around 3pm of the Saturday having crashed on Jonny?s sofa, and decided to try and be a bit productive, and so mowed the lawn, tidied up the shed, and had a general clear-up in the garden.

I decided not to go out in the evening, which was good as nobody else was going out, and carried on cleaning a bit and moved around a bit of furnature [woo hoo], but it was actually nice having a bit of time to myself and I even got to watch some good TV [a rare occurance especially on a Saturday]. I was flicking through the channels on my Freeview box and stumbled across a subtitled German film called ?Good Bye Lenin!?, and lately I would?ve skipped over it but it got my attention and I have to say it?s a very good film.

The basic premise of it is that it?s 1989 in East Germany and a young man?s mother has a heart attack and falls into a coma. She awakes 8 months later unaware that in that time West and East have united and that her communist life is gone, but knowing that any shock could kill her, the young man pretends that the GDR is still intact, and he devises some complicated ruses to maintain his mother?s ignorance of Germany?s re-unification and the failure of communism in her beloved East Germany.

It?s brilliantly filmed and you can watch it again on BBC4 on Tuesday 17th October at 11pm, and I?d recommend it to anyone who likes these kind of quirky European films.

I then watched Philadelphia afterwards and got to bed around 1:30am. Today I went to football [we won 5:1 but I was an unused sub], and this afternoon chilled out. This evening I was running a quiz night at Uni and it went really well with 42 people taking part, although I am tired now as I didn?t finish there ?til gone 11pm.

I?m just watching CSI and then off to bed for me?..

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4 Responses to I follow the Moskva, Down to Gorky Park

  1. Stef says:

    I saw Good Bye Lenin a while back on DVD and really liked it.

  2. Napfisk says:

    That certainly is a good film. Jerry?s making a lot of them recently ;-)

    What a lovely weekend. I often don?t get further than the getting drunk and making a prat of myself thing these days. So now I?ve decided to stay home and sober for at least 10 days. Maybe I?ll also get some quality furniture moving time that way. Hoorah!

  3. adem says:

    It was just nice to watch something different, and because it was subtitled I actually had to pay attention!!

  4. Ginny says:

    I loved that film. I had to laugh because of the wallpaper in the apartment. I?m positive it?s the same wallpaper that was in my relative?s East German apartment. I had gone to visit when I was about 13. It was a trip I?ll never forget.


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