Keep on running

I?m a little bit tired today as I?ve played football for the past 3 days. Tuesday was indoor 5-aside, Wednesday was a match on a full-size pitch, and yesterday was a match on astro-turf. It was yesterday?s one that rired me out as I started getting shin-splints from running on the hard ground, but never mind as the weekend is here, and I?ve got Sunday League football, but I expect to be on the bench for that game as I missed last weeks match because I was in Balham.

This afternoon I?ve got meetings in Canterbury and so I?ve decided to go out there tonight and I?ll crash on Jonny?s sofa. I?m not sure what we?ve got planned but I?m sure it?ll involve beer and pubs.

In response to yesterday?s post, I did treat myself, but only to the tune of 19.49, by pre-ordering Football Manager 2007 for the PC. The cheapest place I?ve seen it is at CD-WOW where it costs 20.49 (But I found a 1 voucher in the Uni bar today and used that! Winner!). I?ve been playing this game since 1993 through all its incarnations and I still love it. Expect a blogging hiatus when it arrives!!

Have a good weekend all.

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  1. Napfisk says:

    I?ve been lagging behind with commenting a bit the past few days, so here?s a few combined.

    Pity you didn?t get the camera. It was fun reading the whole process one post after the other. Getting rid of debt feels good in a way, but it kinda sucks too. Imagine going down the pub and announcing: ?Woohoo, I paid x amount in bills today, I feel so good!?

    It just doesn?t cut it.

    As for the template, I like it. It so totally not a typical Blogger temp! It?s clean and minty and the Flickr integration looks good too (often these mess up all kinds of borders and go all yuck!)

    I did miss easy navigation from one post to the next (or previous) but that seems Blogger-inherent. Also, why do I have to click twice when I?m the first to comment? It messes up my click-jitsu! I suspect that?s a Blogger thing, as well.

    Overall I?d say, do a bit of tweaking where you can/want perhaps, but for a template it?s really cool enough.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Lord Bargain says:

    I have just lost the 2018 World Cup quarter final on bloody penalties.


    stupid bloody game.

  3. adem says:

    Napfisk ? I will do a bit more tweaking?.when I can be bothered! But I am liking it now.

    LB ? I take it you were England then??

  4. Lord Bargain says:

    no, I was Italy, actually. I thought I might win the damn thing as my team was ace. Oh well.


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