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Ah? a spare moment in the day. I?ve been at work from 9-4 today and then I?m back in from 5-12 which equals a very long day. I did try and leave at 2pm so I could have a few hours off but that never materialised.

Tonight is the Halloween Party and I?ve got a Band and DJ playing at the Union, plus decorations and a few games lined up. I?m gonna have a look in the loft in a minute to look for an old Halloween costume from last year [Mad Scientist I think...].

So you may be thing ?wow he?s busy?, and you?d be right, but what else could I d oto make my life even busier??*drum roll*?


In the past I?ve seen it on others blogs but never got involved so I might as well give it a go and have something to talk about. In no way do I think I?ll reach the 50,000 word barrier in 30 days, but I?ll give it a go and see if I can just wing it and write any bollocks.

I haven?t thought about a theme or characters or plot and am really free to go anyway I want, which I guess is the style of NaNoWriMo.

I?m gonna put a sidebar widget on the template, which I can show off and be proud of.

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8 Responses to Paperback Writer

  1. Napfisk says:

    50,000 words? One month? Easy-peasy! Oh, wait. Crap. Sing-up cut-off was 30 October €“ how crummy is that?

    Guess I?ll have to save my masterpiece debut for next year (this always happens to me).

  2. Napfisk says:

    Ah, forget all I just said, cut-off is 30 November. Here?s to that prize winning novel after all!


  3. Stef says:

    I used to write a lot when I was younger and was OK. Now I just do reports and while I write faster they?re dull as fuck.

    Couldn?t be arsed to do NaNoWriMo. I?m either going to write a masterpiece of Nabokovian proportions or not at all!

  4. Aravis says:

    So glad you?ll be joining us in our annual insanity! I won in 2004 but barely got started last year. I?m ready to try again though. Good luck!

    And Stef: 50,000 words is the minimum. You?re more than welcome to write a modern day War and Peace if you like. *G*

  5. jonny says:

    I can?t beleive you didn?t give me back my lab coat. You theiving bastard!

    And for the last time, going to parties with drunk 18 year olds is not work so stop bitching about being busy!

  6. adem says:

    hmmm? maybe I overestimated myself?

    I?ll be trying to break the 1000 word barrier I think.

  7. Lord Bargain says:

    Doing NaNo last year remains one of my proudest achievements.

    Good luck, mate.

  8. Pynchon says:

    Best of luck. I know that it would be beyond me, but I do admire anybody who has a go.


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