He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a lager drink

Yesterday was dedicated as a BDOF (Boy?s Day Of Fun) and we started off the day by playing a 9-hole round of golf. I was terrible.

Next up was a pubcrawl around all the pubs we don?t normally go into, which usually means they are a bit dodgy. I used to go into quite a few of these pubs, but as we?ve all got older, people get set in their ways and don?t like straying from the local.

The pub crawl the Stoneless Clubhouse for one, and then back to Ramsgate for the Australian Arms, The Admiral Fox, The Vale, The De Ville, The Bedford Inn, The Artillary Arms, Harveys, The Queens Head, and Rocca bar (I think that?s all although I may have missed some due to excess alcohol.)

We played pool, darts, and drank. done.

I got in around 1am (ish?), and amazingly was quite sober(ish), flicked on the TV and ate my burger I?d got from the kebab shop. The repeat of Friday Night with Jonathon Ross was on TV and guests were John Barrowman and The Mighty Boosh. John Barrowman was very funny.

I then got up at 8:30am as I had football this morning, and I got my first game for a few months. I enjoyed it and we won 3-1.

I am quite tired now but have got to go to Uni to run a Pub Quiz in 20 mins. poo!

That?s all for now, although I may reflect later on a few incidents in a couple of the pubs.

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  1. Stef says:

    Sounds like a top weekend. Except for the golf which is a rubbish game.


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