Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses

BNP leader Nick Griffin and party activist Mark Collett have been cleared of inciting racial hatred. The original trial was instigated by a BBC programme in which their leader Nick Griffin, described Islam as a ?wicked, vicious faith? and said Muslims were turning Britain into a ?multi-racial hell hole?, and Mr Collett addressed the audience by saying: ?Let?s show these ethnics the door in 2004.?

The jury acknowledged that the BNP had chosen their words very carefully and although many people would find it offensive, nothing they had said had broken the law. They hadn?t incited racial hatred, which was the charge, although Griffin admited that he had been critial of religions, most natably Islam, but that wasn?t what they were in court for.

I?ve been watching the live feeds from BBC News 24, and I hate this man. I have to admit that he is a very clever man, and certainly knows how to work the crowd, is a good public speaker, and seems to be getting increasing support.

There was plenty of talks of ?we? and ?us? with reference to ?whites?, but if they are only going against Muslims, then why did I see no blacks or asians in their support, the majority of whom are British born and bred? Quite simply I believe they are racist purely against people who they not deem as non-white, and for all their talk of controlled immigration and keeping Britain British, I can?t see them making speeches against white-Europeans who reside here.

They do not like blacks and asians [sorry to be pigeonholing here] and are too ignorant to understand that being British isn?t about being a certain colour.

The scary thing is that they are finding increased support from a public who see answers in some of their policies, and also I?m sure from racists who are looking for a legal way to express their hate.

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4 Responses to Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses

  1. adem says:

    Just been looking on wikipedia and discovered that Griffin doesn?t believe in the holocaust!

  2. Napfisk says:

    I was just going to write, if he didn?t say more than just that, it would be hard to convict him of anything.

    We have a lot of loud, brawling Dutch here over the weekend. I think they turn the city centre into a weekly hell-hole, but there?s not much else to say about that, except that it?s ?an opinion?.

    Obviously, in cases like this, it?s clear what they mean and that sucks.

    Denying the holocaust is something else altogether, and it proves the guy is an @$$hole for sure.

    We have a bloke like him too. It appears that attacking and suing them isn?t the way to go. It just creates more attention.

    And, in the end, these guys aren?t great speakers. They just repeat the same things over again, make logical mistakes and have no real core to their message. The only problem is, of course, that that?s exactly what works with the tossers who vote for them.

    I guess the only way to get rid of them is to acknowledge some of the problems that do exist and make sure that the public don?t turn into angry little people. If you have a good job, some cash to spend and a nice lay once and again you won?t be peering out of your window to see ?which blackie?s been up to no good? again.

    If you?ll pardon my French.

    A sad situation indeed.

    Enjoy the weekend, nonetheless ;-)

  3. Stef says:

    Griffin is a cunt and his hateful and quite frankly idiotic views shouldn?t be given the time of day.

  4. Tomi says:

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