Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary

Well surprise surprise it?s already that time of year when my mood has dropped. New year is not really a time for looking forward, but more a time for looking back on the past year, and realising that nothing has really changed and I have not developed. I can?t really look forward when I?ve got something like that hanging around my neck.

I can look back on the past 2 years and nothing has really changed (well not positively). Don?t get me wrong, I haven?t got a lot to complain about and I am happy in my job and am doing okay for money but it?s my personal life that needs work on. I need some more personal development and I need to be more adventurous, and I think I need to get out and away more. I?m not talking about going to different bars or getting a new hobby, but instead I need to culturally develop myself.

I stay in Thanet all the time, and usually moan that I don?t have anytime, when infact I can really do whatever I want at the weekends. I don?t make New Year?s Resolutions, as they are always destined to fail but I do want to get away each weekend. I intend to jump on the train and visit more places starting with London. I want to do touristy things, visit museums, see the sights, take photos, and then jump on the train and back again.

I am going stale and need this cultural injection.

I usually won?t go and do these things by myself, and will usually try and get frinds to come along to anything I organise, but I think I will have to this by myself. I enjoy being social but I also enjoy having my space. I know it may sound like a contradiction of going to somewhere like London and wanting to be by myself but it isn?t.

Crazy thinking eh?

Jamie T ? Calm Down Dearest

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3 Responses to Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary

  1. Aravis says:

    To be fair to yourself, you did create that list of things you?ve never done, and managed to cross a few off. The year wasn?t a waste. :0)

    I love your plan, though. I think it sounds great. Take that wonderful new camera with you and enjoy looking at your same old world differently, or exploring new places in it. Have fun!

  2. Nils says:

    Yeah, I have a similar feeling ? although currently I?m not that happy job or money wise :-)

    My New Year?s Resolution, ?Do More Stuff?, was in a way very much the same desire for getting out and participating in, well, pretty much anything really.

    To me, that doesn?t have to be big: walk by an exhibition and actually pop in for a couple of minutes, take a picture, instead of thinking: oh, I really should visit here some time. Or buy a magazine or a paper I usually don?t read and actually learn something new.

    No, it doesn?t sound crazy. It would be crazy if next weekend was over and you hadn?t done a single new thing. We want to hear about it now! :-)

  3. adem says:

    Aravis ? Yep, I did tick off a few things on my list, but I also skipped quite a few of them. The list only had about 7 things on, and I want to do at least 70 things!!

    Nils ? I really related to your post, and yes it can be the simple things that can make a lot of difference. There?s a lot out there and I need to get involved with it.


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