Declare the pennies on your eyes

Well I?ve finally been to the dentist. I?d been dreading the worse as I?ve broken a couple of teeth, but I only need to have a replacement filling for the moment, and have got an appointment for this Friday.

I know that the broken teeth are beyond repair and will have to come out at some stage, but the dentist said that as long as they weren?t causing me any pain then he?d leave them in, but if they did start hurting then he?d take them out. I think I?ll wait ?til they start hurting and not take the initiative.

So the appointment and the filling cost me 42.50, which is the standard price now for most courses of treatment, and is certainly not too bad a price compared to private costs. By the same token, when I have my broken teeth out it?ll cost me another 42.50. At least at this rate I know how much it?ll cost, and not get stung by a big bill.

The car?s got it?s MOT tomorrow, so that?s where the big sting will be. I sometimes wonder why I have a car, and then I remember that I?m a lazy shit and it gets me to places very quickly. When I had the old Peugeot 309 and it died on Christmas 2003, I had to get a replacement as I was still living in Chichester and used to come back to Ramsgate quite a few weekends to see my Mum and Grandma, and when I was back they needed lifts everywhere. Now that my Mum has had a hip-replacement, and that my Grandma has passed away, will I still need a car when this one dies?

It?s only 10 years old and so should have plenty of life left in her, but further down the line the costs of getting her road-worthy will probably outweigh the actual cost of the car and the benefits it gives. So would I give it up?? I dunno. It seems like a long way away, but if the government makes driving too expensive then I guess I would get rid of the car.

Then again I may be loaded by that time and driving around in a Hummer.

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5 Responses to Declare the pennies on your eyes

  1. J says:

    Your post has reminded me that I have been avoiding a trip to the dentist myself?

  2. Aravis says:

    I cringe for you; dental work is not my favorite thing, though I?ve had/continue to have lots of work done. :0P

    Good luck with the car. Perhaps just drive this one until it?s done and then decide whether or not you really need to buy another? I don?t know. But I think a Hummer on your narrow roads over there might not be such a great idea. Though if you?re driving a Hummer you could probably just drive over anything blocking your path. *G*

  3. adem says:

    It?s never fun is it? Although it?s all for the best, many of us would rather forget about the dentist, but now that there?s a shortage of National Health Service dentists you?d be a fool to miss appointments as you?ll get fined for the missed appointment and run the risk of getting deregistered which is a real pain [literally] when you do get a tooth problems.

    I?ve learnt my lesson and am going to be a good boy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As my my Sainted Irish Grandmother used to say?

    ?Take care of your teeth, and they will take care of you.?

  5. Arghh, that reminds me to book an MOT for next week. Boo.

    You may be so loaded by then that someone ELSE is driving you around in an Aston Martin. It could happen.


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