It?s where I find my heaven

Thank f**k it?s Friday? I?m shattered, and I?ve managed to avoid blogging all week.

I think what did me in was Wednesday when I was driving a bus for the Rugby and Football teams at Uni. I?d helped organise several matches against another Campus of the same University, and had also arranged for the day to be very social so they went to pubs and the Union with the opposition. I got back home at 1:30am as I was driving the minibus back from Canterbury, but I didn?t really mind as I was doing them a favour and they?re a great bunch of lads. It?s just been the last 2 days when I?ve really felt it.

Yesterday I was dropping the Minibus back in Canterbury and had to get a train back to Ramsgate so that I could pick my car up from the garage. Due to severe weather my train was delayed 30 minutes, well actually I caught the train before minewhich was 45 minutes late. I later found out that the train I had wanted to catch was several hours late, and then there had been no more after that! Lucky me.

I actually like severe weather (not the bit where people get killed though), but I like it because it?s unpredictable and we have no contol over it. We can usually plan our days to the minute, don?t have to take time out to prepare anything, and it?s so easy, but as soon as something like this happens then we?re lost and all our plans are hampered. Of course if it happened too often I?d get annoyed.

So I picked the car up yesterday and it?s running lovely. Just like new. And I?ve just had a big filling this morning. I was a brave lad though and pretty calm but my jaw is really sore from having my mouth wide open for 20 minutes.

I?ve been approved for my new credit card (interest free ?til April 2008), and have just signed the papers and sent them back meaning I can transfer my existing balance over from my other card which is only interest free ?til the end of this month. Perfect timing.

Also.. I?m aching quite a bit from football last night. I?ve got a big lump on my left shin where I took a kick, and I?ve also lost some skin on my right leg from going tumbling on the astro-turf. I woke up this morning aching, but it?s good to feel pain every so often as it reminds me I?m alive. It?s better go soon though!

I haven?t got any exciting planned for the weekend and am going to try and catch up on some sleep and maybe get round to a spot of decorating. I know I was all go a few weeks ago and was planning things for every weekend, but I think sometimes ?In the life of man there are times and there are seasons. There is a time to surf and there is a time to wax your board. And I?m not just talking about surfing.?

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5 Responses to It?s where I find my heaven

  1. Anonymous says:

    God, I?d forgotten about Game On. Funnier than it had a right to be if I remember rightly.

    What credit card company is giving you that interest free offer? I need to do a bit of a transfer I reckon.

  2. adem says:

    The interest free one is from HSBC and is ?til April 2008, but after that it goes to about 15.9%.

    I think Capital One are doing something like that too.

    I think my choices of cards though are getting limited as I?ve done about 5 of the interest free offers!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bugger. I have a HSBC card and am therefore not eligible and I have already been rejected by Capital One? Arse!

  4. adem says:

    check out here for a list of all the cards with introductory offers.

    There could be one that you?ve never used before!

  5. Aravis says:

    Sorry to be so late with this; I?ve had trouble accessing your site. The problem is obviously on my end since I was able to get here through someone else?s link to your blog. I?ll have to look into it.

    In the meantime I?ve enjoyed catching up with your blog. I don?t blame you for having been so tired with everything going on! But it sounds like some of it has been good, such as the car and the credit card. :0)


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