We are family

If you look to the right you may see that I’ve added a new badge. I am now officially a Thanet Blogger and can be found on the Thanet Blog List.

The Isle of Thanet is the area I live in (click here to learn more) and has quite a few bloggers now. It’s nice to read about what people think locally instead of just getting the local paper.

As there are a lot of blogs I think I’ll be making use of the ‘Recent Feeds‘ page which shows all the recent posts from all the blogs listed, which means I don’t have to visit all the individual sites and can simply browse them all in one place and read those that interest me.

Then again maybe I should just stick to the blogs on my blogroll which I’ve neglected quite a bit lately. I have been reading but not necessarily commenting, so don’t think I’m ignoring you.

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