You bring that ass, I?ll bring the brew

Last month I started off brewing my own bitter, and now it?s ready!! It was actually ready to drink 2 weeks ago, but I?ve let it settle for longer so that the flavour and quality improves.

I had a wee snifter and it tastes fine, not brilliant, but fine, and it is drinkable which is always good. I actually used some of it for dinner tonight for my Beef and Ale Pie (minus the actual pie.. I just made the filling), along with spuds and veg. It was good and shows the extra uses for the bitter.

I?ve invited some of the lads around on Saturday so that we can drink the beer (around 38 pints left) an also play a bit of poker.

Now that I know the home brewing works, I?ve invested in a batch of cider for my next experiment, this time only making 30 litres?.. but the cider will be 7.2%!

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4 Responses to You bring that ass, I?ll bring the brew

  1. Cheezy says:

    Oh man I?m jealous. I used to love brewing my own beer but don?t have enough space these days. Enjoy!

  2. Pynchon says:

    If you start growing long hairs on the back of your hands I would stop.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you plan on exporting?

  4. adem says:

    Tonight?s the night!!!


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