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It?s pretty easy to get a website set-up utilising a Content Management System if you are interested in creating a blog, social network, or alike, but it?s actually quite hard finding a CMS that will create you a simple site.

I wanted to make a site that would initially be set-up by me, but then could be maintained by others with minimal experience.

I tried creating a website using WordPress, but couldn?t really get around the fact that it is originally programmed as a weblog, and not specifically for making stand-alone site, and so I searched around for a CMS that could help me out, and this is where Websitebaker comes in.

Website Baker logo

Website Baker is a PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) designed with one goal in mind: to enable it?s users to produce website with ease.

You?ll need a MySQL database to run the site, but if you?re host doesn?t offer that, you can get a free one here.

If you fancy giving Website Baker a quick go then you can try out a demo here.

Installation is minimal and once that?s done, there?s no need to have anymore ftp access. Where as other CMS require you to upload new themes, templates, and plug-ins via ftp, Website Baker enables all this to be done from the admin interface by browsing your desktop for downloaded mods and uploading the .zip file.

The admin screen is very simple (see below screenshot) and I am confident that even someone with minimal web experience would feel comfortable with Website Baker.

website Baker screen 400
Click here for full-size image.

I?ve already made one site using Website Baker, and I?m going to make a few others too. A very good piece of software indeed, oh and it?s completely free, which is what we like over here at SpecialStuff.

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  1. Adem says:

    You can see a site I?ve made by clicking here.

    I?m still happy with the ease at which I can edit the site.

  2. Stef says:

    Looks pretty good.

    I really want to move my blog to WordPress -I have hosting and all that- but don?t have the time or the inclination. Hmmm?

  3. Adem says:

    This site is hosted by WordPress, as it doesn?t take much to update it and doesn?t have too many features.

    I have set up another site using WordPress on my own hosting, and this means I get a lot more access to all the code etc.

    Check it out here

  4. Adem says:

    I may be developing something using Website Baker in the near future as I?ve been quite impressed by it?. watch this space.

  5. Stef says:

    I?ve got my own hosting and databases, I just need to a) find the time and b) work out what the implications are. Will I be able to import my comments from HaloScan for example?


  6. Adem says:

    I?d recommend you set up wordpress on your webhost and set up a dummy blog. Carry on running your normal blog but also try and copy your content and see if it works.

    This will get you used to wordpress without transferring and realising you don?t like it or it doesn?t work for you.

  7. Adem says:

    Here?s another site I?ve made with it:


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