Is that where it ends, with your life thru a lens?

You should all know by now that I love taking photos, and the majority of them are proudly displayed on flickr, but I did something yesterday that I haven?t done for years. I got some photos developed!

There is something about having an actual physical photograph in your hand as opposed to viewing them on a screen and I really think I need to get more of my photo sets developed too.

One reason I did this was because it was free, and as you know, I love free stuff. are doing a promotion whereby when you register you get 30 free photos, and if you follow this link and use the promotional code ?20EXTRA?, then you can get 50 free photos in total.

It?s a simple case of uploading your photos into a set, and then selecting to print them (you will need that promotional code now). I did this for 50 photos, and only had to pay the 1.50 postage, and the photos came the next day.

The prices are actually very good, and although you may be able to save a few pence on each print by physically going into Boots, this does remove the hassle of having to go there, drop them off, and come back the next day to pick them up. Instead they were delivered to my door. Easy.

This is also a great way to have a physical back-up of all those digital files that we hope will be safe for ever, but can?t be too sure about. At least this way if it goes all apocalyptic Rise of the Machines stylee then I?ll have some nice memories.

(I?ve also blogged about this here)

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6 Responses to Is that where it ends, with your life thru a lens?

  1. Nils says:

    I can?t remember the last time I held a printed photograph (developed, not just on a printer).

    We?re all so used to this instant gratification of shooting and uploading we kind of tend to forget this. Well, I have at least.

    I think I should look for a couple of favourites and see what my options are over here.

  2. Michael says:

    Most of my pics just end up on the hard drive, but I do take the time to get the really special and select few developed.

    Then again? my ?after school job? is a one hour photo tech. I do a little bit too much picture developing.

  3. Cody Bones says:

    Looks like you are getting your moneys worth out of your camera.

  4. Aravis says:

    I?ve just done something similar. An aunt posted some ancient photos of my grandparents from their wedding day through my mother?s teen years. She put them up on PhotoWorks and, knowing that my mother didn?t have copies I ordered them for her. I just received them yesterday and was so happy with the way they came out. It was so inexpensive, too! Far less than if I had taken the photos on film and had them sent out to be developed.

    I love computers and the digital age!

  5. Stef says:

    Wow, our photo album stopped growing about 4 years ago! I?d love to update it a bit and put some new ones in, I might well give this a shot!

    All I?ve got to do now is decide which of the 2,000+ photos I?ve taken since then I?m going to print. 50 you say? Eep!

  6. adem says:

    whoops. I?ve just ordered another 376 photos, but it still only cost £30.

    This includes an A3 single page calendar for a friends Birthday featuring their photo.

    I guess the only downside so far has been having to upload the photos, especially when each one is over a megabyte. I think I uploaded about 450MB, and so what I did was set it to upload to the the sites FTP and left it running when I was asleep, then I ordered the prints in the morning.


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