– Real photo prints from the UK’s first and best online lab

In this age of digital cameras, we all take hundreds of digital photos that usually they reside on our hard-drives or on photosharing sites such as Flickr, but do may people actually get them developed onto actual print form?

I personally haven’t, and will usually just email people with links to photos I’ve taken, but I was recently presented with a site to make me change my ways. logo

I was drawn to because of a promotional offer they are running for first time registration. When you register you get 30 free photos, and if you follow this link and use the promotional code “20EXTRA“, then you can get 50 free photos in total.

It’s a simple case of uploading your photos into a set, and then selecting to print them (you will need that promotional code now). I did this for 50 photos, and only had to pay the 1.50 postage, and the photos came the next day.

Launched at the beginning of year 2000 PhotoBox was the first online photo sharing and printing service in UK and Ireland and quickly became market leader.

I was very happy with the photos when they arrived, and it was certainly quite novel to know that all my photos would be up to a certain standard, as opposed to photos on 35mm film which when developed would usually have fingers over the lens, or be out of focus etc.

The photos are not compressed and the images you get on a 6″x4″ print are brilliant, a fact that is sometimes lost when viewing photos at full-size on a monitor. This is how photos are meant to be viewed.

The prices are actually very good, and although you may be able to save a few pence at some highstreet developers, this does remove the hassle of having to go there, drop them off, and come back the next day to pick them up. Instead they were delivered to my door. The prices are definitely cheaper than most though.

This is a great way to have a physical back-up of all those digital files that we hope will be safe for ever, but can’t be too sure about. At least this way if it goes all apocalyptic Rise of the Machines stylee then I’ll have some nice memories when I’m in my bunker.

The 50 free photos offer has got me sold, and I’ll certainly be gettting more photos printed this way.

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