Nothing can stop me now

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  1. Aidan L says:

    I like that lol.
    On a serious note it is disgusting that there is no space in prison. I won?t go on about it now but it really gets me riled.

    (Sorry for the deletion of the comment, it went a bit funny)

  2. adem says:

    I got the picture from ?Private Eye?.

    I can?t really get my head around the whole prison thing. Are people becoming criminals because they?re committing more crimes than 50 years ago or is the government creating more criminals by making laws tougher and imprisoning people for crimes that were?nt punishable by jail in the past?

    Or is everyone just evil?

    I don?t know.

  3. Aidan L says:

    That would be an interesting question to put forward to the Prime Minister.

    I personally don?t think it is because the law is getting tougher, I just think it is because more people are turning to crime. You would have thought that the logical thing to do is to build more prisons. I accept that it costs money but it is for the good of the country. Who wants criminals walking the streets!!


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