Paint my face in your magazines

I?ve been using Photoshop quite a bit at work lately but only for making posters, banners etc, and nothing amazingly creative, but it did get me in the mood and so I?ve been playing.

It was my mate Ian?s 24th Birthday yesterday and I usually like to personally make something for people?s birthdays (see here & here) so I thought I?d make him an arty portrait and here is the result:

ian photoshop_orig
(click the image to see larger version on Flickr)

You can see the original photo here and I must say I?m very happy with it and I feel confident enough to try some more and get even better results (I know there are bits that can be improved). What I like about Photoshop is that although I?ve been using it since 2002 and think I?m pretty good with it, there?s always more to learn and there are some amazing tutorials out there. I actually got this tutorial from here although I usually get quite a few from here.

Do you like it? Would you like your own portrait? If you do then send me a message via the email address in my profile and tell me why I should?. Easy as that. I?ll upload any I do to this blog (I need some content) and I?ll send you a high-resolution copy for yourself.

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4 Responses to Paint my face in your magazines

  1. Nils says:

    That?s pretty cool. It?s interesting, because I see a lot of design being done in PS for things I would go to Illustrator for, as in this case. I might have to investigate what PS has to offer in this area a bit more.

  2. adem says:

    Photoshop is no longer just for touching up and manipulating photos, as the name would suggest.

    Yes there are maybe better alternatives such as Illustrator but because Photoshop has become the industry standard, it is what most people for a huge range of projects.

  3. Stef says:

    I wish I?d put the time in to learn how to use PhotoShop properly. Meh, I don?t have a creative bone in my body!

    I do like these pictures though, a really good effort! I?m kinda jealous!

  4. adem says:

    Do you want one? Send me a link to a photo on your Flickr and you never know what may be turning up in your inbox?..


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