Go outside and ride your bike

Yummy, I’ve just had my treat of the weekend and made a curry, but I think I deserve it. I’ve been doing more exercise including a 2.5 hour session of football on Thursday and then today I went for a nice bike ride (8.76 miles) to Broadstairs to watch Thanet Wanderers play rugby. I went to the casino again this weekend and finished 25 up which paid for my night last night.

I took my camera along to the rugby this afternoon and it was nice to take some shots of something a bit different. You can see the Flickr set here.

Football is off tomorrow so I’m going to go to the bootfair to see how it all works, and then in a few weeks time I’ll hopefully be selling my own stuff. It’s nice when you actually do stuff at the weekend instead of vegging out isn’t it?

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