Ice ice baby

On Saturday evening I caught a bit of the late-night replay of Dancing on Ice and f**k me was I amazed! I don?t watch the show, but I know what it?s all about, and the display by Kyran Bracken and his professional skate partner Melaine was brilliant.

The premise of the show is that celebrity novice skaters pair up with professionals and get voted out each week based on their perfomances, and at this rate Kyran should win it. For those of you that are unaware, Kyran Bracken is a former Rugby player so isn?t well known for his skating abilities.
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3 Responses to Ice ice baby

  1. Aravis says:

    We had something similar here, but it only lasted one season and wasn?t renewed. Too bad, it sounded interesting. Enjoy the show!

  2. Michael says:

    not a surprise here.

    Most shows like that use washed up b class stars with the skaters? like some kid actor.

    A rugby player is an athlete, plain and simple. Gives them an edge on being able to pick up another anything that requires athletic ability.

  3. Pynchon says:

    I am absolutely convinced that if Emily Symons had avoided the skate off, so leading her open to the judges kicking her out, she would have won it. Not because she was the best, but because the public like an underdog.


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