In the nighttime, In the storm, In the casino

It?s 3:15am as I type this, and I?ve been out (why else would I be up at this time?)

As I said in my earlier post, I was going to cut out on the beer and I think I did pretty well as I only had 1 pint tonight (and that was shit Fosters). I did however have 1 gin and slimline tonic, which was OK but not billiant and so I switched over to the vodkas, house doubles with Diet Coke to be exact, and I had 4 of them, so all in all I think I did probably have less calories from them as opposed to me have the 8 pints I probably would have had.

We went the Tavern, the Queens Head, the Red Lion, the Port & Anchor, and then to the Jazz Room, and on to the casino.

I did fall off the wagon though as I was in the casino with Ant, Paul, and Tom, and they decided to get cooked breakfasts and I caved in. Naughty me, but still not too bad in the whole scheme of things, as I probably would?ve had the breakfast anyway on top of all the beers. I?ll definitely be going to the gym tomorrow to burn off a few more calories.

I did have fun at the casino though as I used 10 as stake on the Blackjack and took away 35, so 25 profit which basically paid for my night. My best bit was betting 16 on a single hand and winning. It was fun. I was a little higher on the prize fund but had a little bet at the end which lost me a fiver.

Anyway, off to bed now me thinks as it?s now 3:25am and I?m tired(ish). Laters!

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2 Responses to In the nighttime, In the storm, In the casino

  1. Aravis says:

    I don?t blame you for being tired. Casinos are fun, especially if you?re wise enough to leave while you?re ahead. *G*

  2. Nils says:

    Ha, ha, the old low calory booze trick! I know that one. But vodka and coke is really teh un-awesome. I can?t drink much else but vodka tonics (if not beer, that is). Oh, and martinis at the casino, of course, although I?ve only been to one once and that was for an article I was researching. Seriously.

    /*You should check out your comments handling. When I arrive at the post page from my reader, and there is already a comment there, I can?t comment myself, unless I return to the home page and click the comments link. Quite the pain in the behind as you will appreciate, lol! Cheers for now though.*/


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