Tip the scale. I was hell. Picked me up, then I fell.

Bathroom Scales
My knee is starting to get a little better after the injury and I?m able to hobble around a bit sans crutch and put a bit of weight on it, although I?m still walking with the crutch because at times it feels like my knee may give way so best to be careful. At night, when I take off the strapping it feels very fragile and I have to be careful.

It is still a bit swollen and stiff (my knee!) but hopefully I?ll be walking completely fine in a few weeks, although I?m gonna leave any sport alone for quite a while which coincides nicely with the end of the football season and any tempation. It has been annoying that I?ve not been able to get up and do stuff, but I suppose the upshot is that I had enough time to finally sort out my blog. One thing I haven?t been concentrating on is the diet?.

I know I?d put a bit of weight on over the past couple of weeks, but I managed to get on my scales this morning and I?m back down to my lowest diet weight! I don?t know how it happened but I?d better not muck it up. OK, so I can?t traditionally exercise, but I?ll tell you that walking with crutches is bloody knackering and must burn off a few calories. So scrap the Easter Eggs I?ve eatens (nice alliteration) and the amount of sitting down I?ve done, and I could be back on the road to losing more weight.

I guess that another factor to not putting more weight on has been that I?ve not been out much, and therefore not drunk much alcohol. I had a plan to ?have it large? at the Easter Weekend, but in reality I only went out on the Friday and that was that, and considering that I hadn?t been out for 2 weeks prior to that means that I?m virtually teetotal!

You may have noticed the nice picture header on this post. I?ve actually borrowed the idea from Nils at NDNL and am using Flickr photos which are licensed under Creative Commons although I will try to use my own photos too when appropriate. The author?s link is below.

Header image under CC by mrjorgen

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2 Responses to Tip the scale. I was hell. Picked me up, then I fell.

  1. J says:

    Congrats on the weight loss. You are right, getting around on crutches IS hard work.

    And thanks for the Creative Commons link?I hadn?t heard of that.

  2. Adem says:

    Creative Commons is a good way to allow your work to be in the public domain but still retain some copyright over it deciding when and where it can be used. (more info at Wikipedia)


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