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When I moved over to this new site, one of the major things was that I should keep it tidy and less cluttered, unlike the blog I had just migrated from, and so items on the sidebar are limited and the question was where to put other links that still needed prominence but wouldn?t be used a great deal.

The obvious solution was on the footer, an often unused area of websites which usually just contain a copyright notice. I opted for buttons, and wanted them to be of a uniform style and size and I found the perfect tool here which allows for a huge amount of variables to make the badge bespoke for you.

Have a little scroll down and see what I?ve done. Whilst you?re there why not subscribe to my feed so that you never miss a post!

p.s. I?ve decided that I?m going to stop with the lyrical post titles for the moment and see how it goes.

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  1. Adem says:

    I?ve just changed the RSS addresses as I know some people had problems signing up from Vista. I hope it worked fine for others but now the addresses are a little simpler.


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