Grand National 2007 Betting

Grand National

It?s the Grand National tomorrow, and although I don?t know anything about horse racing I?ll normally try and have a quick bet and have just spent 10 betting on 5 horses. This kind of attitude makes it the biggest betting race in the United Kingdom where many people will place their only bet of the year.

I never watch the races but it seems like a bit of fun and a chance to join in a national event. So who did I pick?

Numbersixvalverde 12/1
Hedgehunter 14/1
Billyvoddan 16/1
Idle Talk 16/1
Eurotrek 20/1

I put 1 each way on them, and I had no system, just picking horses with not too long odds and with a good chance of placing?..or even finishing the race. If you fancy having a bet then check out these offers to stretch your money.

I know there?s quite a lot of opposition to the race due to constant injuries to the horses, but with this amount of money going into it then they wouldn?t scrap it would they?

Header image under CC by Martin Jordan

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2 Responses to Grand National 2007 Betting

  1. J says:

    This post has made me think of My Fair Lady?probably not your desired effect.

  2. Adem says:

    I haven?t actually seen ?My Fair Lady? before but I see from the synopsis on Wikipedia that they go to Ascot Racecourse, so now I know what you mean.

    Anyone place any bets?


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