A return to football

Tonight I?m going to go along to football training and see how my knee copes. So far the only phyical activity I?ve done has been at the gym, a very controlled environment, meaning my knee has only been put under limited and clinical pressures.

On a treadmill or on a bike the knee only bends in one direction, but in football the true test will come when I have to make sharp turns, accelerate quickly, make sudden stops, and obviously kick a ball, all of which put different types of strains on the knee.

I could leave it for another few weeks, but I have to test it out sometime and if it is going to hurt again then it might as well be now. I?ll strap the knee up to give it some extra support, and as it?s not a proper match I?ll be able to stop if I get any twinges.

I?m looking forward to it as I?ve been getting bored of the gym and need some more motivation in my exercise. Going cold turkey from three sessions of football a week to zero was a bit hard but it?ll be good tring to get back into shape without having the gym as my only outlet. I haven?t stuck to my diet over the last two days and I feel very guilty for it. Hopefully a good session of football will give me some more motivation. Of course it could all go bad tonight in which case it could set me back again, but fingers-crossed I?ll be fine.

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  1. jonny says:

    ?I have to make sharp turns, accelerate quickly, make sudden stops, and obviously kick a ball?

    Sorry, when did you start doing any of these? I?ve played football with you for years and only ever seen ocean liner turning circles, quick accelaration as falling over, sudden stops when finishing falling over and air shots.

  2. Adem says:

    yeah, but I could still hurt myself doing all that. In fact all that sounds a lot worse than if I could actually play football.

  3. Cody Bones says:

    Good luck Mr. Ocean Liner

  4. Michael says:

    a non proper game would be the best thing for you. I did much better testing my various injuries in slower practice situations, then going straight to the full speed thing.

    Before you can really play you need to get some confidence in your knee?s ability.

  5. Adem says:

    I went to training tonight and wasn?t too happy with the knee.

    I just ran in straight lines and didn?t try and turn that much. So basically I was rubbish.

    I seem to have no ill effects from it, but I didn?t push it at all, some of which is probably psychological as I don?t want to hurt it.

    I think I?ll leave it again for a few weeks and head on back to the gym, but it was good to see how it was in a non-clinical environment.

  6. Stef says:

    Sounds like you?re going to need to work up gently to playing footie. Perhaps some low impact gym work?

  7. Aidan L says:

    Sorry to see that you weren’t too happy with your knee?

    I would have to agree with what you?re saying, some of it will be psychological. I know I keep going back to it, but, when I had my knee problem I was the same when getting back into football.

    Hopefully you will become more confident with it after you have strengthened it more at the gym. Good luck :-) .

  8. Aravis says:

    I?m sorry you?re not ready yet to get back out there after all, but I?m glad you were able to alleviate some of the boredom of the gym. I hope that knee heals soon for you!


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