Camping is off!

No Man’s Land
I am very annoyed. I told you about me going camping in Newquay, well I sent off my booking form last week to book a pitch at the campsite, and yesterday I got my cheque returned to me with ?cannot accomodate? scrawled on it. Camping not happening then.

I wanted to find out if this was because they were full, something I can accept as it is at peak time, or if, I wondered, because I was booking as a single male. I thought I?d ring the campsite up this morning to find out, and this is why I am annoyed.

I asked them whether they couldn?t accomodate me because I was a single male or because they were fully booked, and they said it was because I was single. GRRRRHH!!

I mentioned that I was part of a larger group of couples but they had already booked and so I was just booking for myself. They checked and said it might be fine for me to stay then but I?d have to pay £14 per night! They only accept a minimum booking of 2 people at peak times, so I?d have to pay double! I can accept that, and I asked if I could be added to my friends? booking as they had offered that I could stay in their large tent, and this was flatly refused.

OK, so they won?t change the booking, so I just clarified that if I could find someone to share with then I could book up as there were plenty of spaces, and would still pay £14 per night for the new pitch but of course it would be split between two. She confirmed that but had to jump in to say that it couldn?t be another male. I can understand the campsite not wanting large groups of rowdy lads, but this is stupid, sexist, and if I was of the homosexual persuasion I?d find it bordering on homophobic, although I doubt they put that in their plublicity (The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007.)

So basically the choices left are pay double everyone else is, find a woman who is willing to sleep with me for a week, or not go!!

Bollocks to them I say.

Rant over.

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11 Responses to Camping is off!

  1. Cody Bones says:

    ?find a woman who is willing to sleep with me for a week?

    Isn?t that what you should be doing anyway?

  2. Adem says:

    I shouldn?t have to do that though. Things could be worse!

  3. j. says:

    This is ridiculous. Imagine if a campsite were excluding all marrieds, what an uproar there would be then. These people are close-minded and don?t deserve money from anyone, imo. I?d boycot them, but it wouldn?t help much as I am in the US and unlikely to ever want to camp there anyway. :)

  4. GT says:

    Dude, as we?ve already booked, just turn up and camp in Chris?s tent. We?ll kick off if they say you can?t.

    I wonder if the same rules apply to two women?

    I think Chris is going to ask them about this as they told him when he booked that extra people could stay in his tent.

  5. Adem says:

    I emailed Chris and he?s going to speak to them about it at the weekend.

    If they are still being dicks then I guess I?m gonna have to get a ?boyfriend? and play the discrimination card.

  6. jonny says:

    I was going to talk to you tonight as I was thinking about coming along to Newquay too. Perhaps we could be gay together, preferably we would keep the bumming to a minimum. Obvioulsy we would have to do some heavy petting to complete the effect.

  7. Adem says:

    We could do that. I?ll just say that we?re waiting to get married before we enter into a physical relationship. done!

  8. Camp site? Won?t accept gays? They?re having a laugh!

  9. Cheezy says:

    Good grief, That?s totalitarian stuff! Reminds me of that episode of Fawlty Towers when Basil?s trying to keep that unmarried couple of out the room.

  10. Nils says:

    This is both hilarious as well as outrageous. The slippery slope they put themselves on, from the cryptic ?cannot accommodate? to the final, blatant refusal of accommodating two men (have they never heard of friends going camping?), is just unbelievable. Good on you for not going, for ranting, and for exposing these prudes in public. Good on Cheezy for spotting the Fawlty-esque absurdity of this, lol!

  11. Ginny says:

    ?I asked them whether they couldnā€™t accomodate me because I was a single male or because they were fully booked, and they said it was because I was single.? I find that very strange.


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